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Assessment and Selection Course (SFAS)


Special Forces Career Management Field (CMF) 18 includes positions concerned with the employment of highly specialized elements to accomplish specially directed missions in times of peace and war. Many of these missions are conducted at times when employment of conventional military forces is not feasible or is not considered in the best interest of the United States. Training for and participation in these missions are arduous, somewhat hazardous, and are often sensitive in nature. For these reasons, every prospective Special Forces Soldier must successfully complete the three week SFAS course.


Be prepared for anything at SFAS. This is the place where "your mind is your best weapon". Perfect physical condition alone will not get you through SFAS. The SFAS course assesses and selects soldiers for attendance at the SFQC. This program allows SF an opportunity to assess each soldier's capabilities by testing his physical, emotional, and mental stamina. SFAS also allows each soldier the opportunity to make a meaningful and educated decision about SF and his career plan.


Stress in SFAS. The purpose of SFAS is to identify soldiers who have potential for SF training. The program assesses tactical skills, leadership, physical fitness, motivation, and ability to cope with stress. Activities include psychological tests, physical fitness and swim test, runs, obstacle courses, rucksack marches, small unit tactics, and military orienteering/land nav exercises.


When you report to Fort Bragg, NC, you should be at 100 percent physical ability with zero percent stress level. Any of the following might cause you stress while attending SFAS:


Wife  or girlfriend not in agreement with you.

Financial problems.

Medical problems with yourself or family.

Not sure SF is what you want.

Low self-esteem or lack of motivation.

Not in top physical condition for SFAS.


For inquires about Special Forces email us at: andrew.g.warren6@UtahSpecialForces.com